Abbie Herbert

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Abbie Herbert

Abbie Herbert, a former model and YouTube star, is married to a musician from Pittsburgh
named Josh Herbert. They first met in 2013 while filming a music video, and they stayed in
touch after the shoot. Within two months of dating, they moved in together. Although they are
six years apart in age, they have a close bond and a very healthy relationship.


Abbie Herbert

Abbie Herbert is a young model from the United States. She was born on July 15, 1996, and is a
member of the Christian faith. She started modeling when she was just a teenager, and she is
now 24 years old. She was raised in a middle-class family, and she is an American citizen. She is
of White ethnicity and follows Christianity as her religion. Abbie Herbert is active on social
media and has gained popularity over the last few years.

Abbie Herbert’s height and weight are impressive. She stands at 5 feet 6 inches, and weighs
around 55 kilograms. She wears a size 4 dress and a size 5 shoe. Her net worth is estimated at $2
million. In addition to modeling, she is also an active YouTuber. In addition to her YouTube
channel, she has a joint YouTube channel with her husband. Together they post videos and other
content on their channel, TheHerbertsYT.

Herbert is well known for her YouTube videos, and has over 908,000 subscribers. She has
collaborated with many popular TikTok stars. She has also had paid partnerships with beauty
skincare brands and has appeared in numerous magazines. This has increased her popularity, and
she continues to earn money through her social media pages.

Abbie Herbert is an American fashion model and a social media star. She is a part of the Next
Models Talent X program, and has become an online sensation with her social media and
YouTube channels. She is married to Josh Herbert, a popular singer. The couple have been

married since 2013, and they run a YouTube channel together named Herberts. In addition to
that, Abbie also has a self-titled Youtube channel, where she posts only make-up related videos.  Complete bio about Jakipz Andrich.

TikTok star

Abbie Herbert is a YouTube star and a model who started her career in fashion. She signed a
modeling contract with NEXT Model in 2014 and has worked for various brands and talent
agencies. She has also appeared on many magazine cover pages and articles. The TikTok video
star has an email address, home address, and phone number.
Abbie Herbert was born in the United States and raised in a family of upper middle-class parents.
She is an American citizen and a Christian. She graduated from a local high school and attended
a private university. Her dream was to become an internet celebrity. She started making videos
on TikTok and gained enormous popularity from it.

The TikTok star is expecting her second child with her husband, Josh Herbert. The couple has
over 12 million followers. Herbert and her husband Josh recently got married. They also run a
YouTube channel together. Their daughter Poppy is expected to arrive in May 2021. Abbie
Herbert’s social media accounts were abuzz with rumors of her pregnancy.

Herbert has a YouTube channel, where she promotes fashion brands and collaborates with other
TikTok stars. She also enjoys playing basketball and running with her husband Josh. She has
also partnered with several beauty skincare companies. Herbert has also appeared in many
magazines. The Internet star’s popularity has helped her earn a nice income.

Abbie Herbert is a popular figure on social media and has a daughter named Poot. Her real name
is Poppy James. Herbert has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and a YouTube channel with her
family called The Herberts. The channel has more than one million subscribers. Complete bio about Conna Walker And Steelo Brim’s Wife.


Abbie Herbert is a YouTuber, who has a huge following of more than 127,198 subscribers. She
started modeling at a very young age and then branched out into social media to showcase her
skills. In April 2014, she created an Instagram account and began posting beauty and fashion
pictures. Later, she joined YouTube with her boyfriend, Josh Herbert.

Abbie Herbert was born on July 15, 1996, and was raised in a middle class family. She is an
American national and belongs to the Christian religion. She attended a local high school and
later attended a private university to further her education. Her ambition was to become a
popular internet personality. Today, she has a huge following on various social networks,
including Instagram and YouTube. While she was in school, she also started participating in
various modeling events.

Abbie Herbert is not only a YouTuber, but also a professional model. She signed a modeling
contract with NEXT Models and has modeled for numerous high-profile fashion brands. She has
two popular Youtube channels and more than 1.27 million subscribers. She is also very popular
on TikTok, where she uploads short videos and vlogs.

Abbie Herbert is an American model and social media influencer. She has collaborated with
popular brands and launched her own fashion line. She also earns a large portion of her money
through her social media accounts, such as Instagram and TikTok. She has been married to her
husband Josh Herbert, who also runs a popular Youtube channel called The Herberts. Abbie
Herbert and Josh Herbert have a daughter, Poppy, in May 2021. They recently announced that
they are expecting another child. Complete bio about Emma Langevin.


Abbie Herbert is a social media personality and entrepreneur. She was born and raised in the
United States. She is of American descent and a Christian. She completed her early education at
a private school and went on to attend a university in her hometown. Abbie’s parents are
unknown but her father is a businessman. Abbie has one younger brother.

Abbie Herbert was born on July 15, 1996. She was raised in the United States in an upper
middle-class family. Her parents are Christians, and she was raised in a family with strong
family values. She later went on to attend a private university and became a popular social media

After gaining fame through her videos on TikTok, Abbie Herbert started an account on Youtube,
where she uploaded beauty and fashion content. She now has over 1.27 million subscribers on
both channels. She also works on her own business and her husband’s. Abbie Herbert has earned
a net worth of around $2 million, and is a model, vlogger, and entrepreneur.

The TikTok-savvy beauty influencer has teamed up with community-driven beauty studio
Beaubble to launch her own skin care line, Pavot. The brand’s products use a sustainable drop-
ship model, which means that the company only makes what is ordered and does not have any
overstock. In addition to the beauty line, Abbie Herbert is also a full-time model.

The husband and wife duo’s Pleiades Designs brand sells children’s clothing and donates a
portion of the proceeds to Reintegra, a nonprofit in Mexico City. The company’s videos have
gained popularity among users of TikTok, where Abbie and Josh Herbert documented their
pregnancy journey and the birth of their daughter, Poppy. Her videos have more than 1 million
views and her husband has an Instagram account with over 24K subscribers.

Duet partner

Abbie Herbert

After a successful run on YouTube as a TikTok star, Abbie Herbert has found a new duet
partner. She has teamed up with fellow YouTuber Josh Herbert. The two have a large fan base
on social media. In February 2022, they finally met up in person.
Josh is a songwriter, musician, and singer from Pittsburgh. The two met while filming a music
video. After filming the music video, the two kept in touch and began dating. Two months after
dating, they moved in together. However, there have been allegations on social media that Josh is
grooming Abbie.

Abbie Herbert was born on July 15, 1996. Her parents are of American origin. She received her
higher education from a private university. In her early childhood, she had dreams of being an
internet personality and gaining popularity. Although she is still a young woman, she has
achieved great success in her career.

Josh Herbert is a talented singer and guitarist. He attended Slippery Rock University in
Pennsylvania. He received his Bachelor’s degree and began focusing on his career in music after
graduation. Josh and Abbie Herbert have a YouTube channel together called The Herbert’s. The
couple have been together for more than five years and started their duet channel together in2015.


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