How Old Is Piper Rockelle?

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Piper Rockelle is a popular web star in the United States. She posts fun videos on YouTube and has millions of subscribers. She is an accomplished gymnast, singer, and dancer. She has also appeared on the reality shows Brat and Piperazzi. We have found out her age, and you may be interested in knowing about her boyfriend.

15 years 5 Days

Piper Rockelle was born on 21 August 2007 in Georgia. She is fifteen years and five days old and will turn sixteen on December 16. She has always documented her life, and her mother and two younger brothers are also well known on social media. Piper is currently attending community school in Georgia, but plans to attend college.
Piper Rockelle is extremely active on her social media accounts, posting beautiful pictures and videos. She is also a member of the social media influencer group, The Squad. She has a pet dog named Frank and runs a cat rescue with her mom. She has also started her own line of merchandise. She has appeared in several films, including Dark Eyes (2019) and Chicken Girls (2018).

Piper Rockelle was born on August 21, 2007. She is an American national and has a Leo zodiac sign. She is the daughter of a housewife and a businessman. She has also done homeschooling and is involved in a cat rescue organization. She has been a YouTuber since her earliest years and has received millions of followers on the social media platforms.
Piper Rockelle’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. She earns money from sponsored content and Ad revenue on YouTube. She has also launched her own brand called Bby by Piper Rockelle. She has also been touring the UK and US. As a result of her success, she is able to afford the expenses of touring. Complete bio about Celina Powell.

Her Next Birthday is in 11 Months 26 Days

YouTube star Piper Rockelle turns 15 months and 26 days on May 25, which makes her age only a couple of months older than you. She was born in Georgia in 2007 and was raised by a single mother. As a child, she loved to go surfing. She now lives in Los Angeles, California, with her mom and two brothers. Her brothers are social media stars and helped Piper create her YouTube channel. In addition to YouTube, Piper also owns a cat rescue that has taken in more than 100 cats.
Despite being so young, Piper has garnered millions of followers on social media. Her channel is filled with challenges and pranks. She also shares DIY projects with her fans. Piper is one of the youngest people to be a celebrity. Her YouTube channel boasts over 9 million subscribers. She also has a large fan base on TikTok. She has also been a part of several movies, including the movie Dark Eyes.
As a young girl, Piper Rockelle has been dating many men. Her current boyfriend, Lev Cameron Khmelev, is a dancer and actor. They started dating in May 2020. The two have been spotted together on social media and have a mutual interest in dance.
She is one of the most popular YouTube stars, with more than 8 million YouTube subscribers and 6 million followers on TikTok. She has also started a singing career, releasing four songs. She has also dabbled in modeling and beauty content. In 2018, she released a single called “Christmas” and subsequently released a second one called “Treat me”. In 2019 she released her third single, “Sidewalk.”
Piper Rockelle’s net worth is estimated to reach $5 million by 2022. She has earned a substantial amount through YouTube, sponsored content, and Ad revenue on social media sites. She also has done a few web series and reality shows. She has a close relationship with her mother and two brothers. However, she has met her father only once.

She has a Boyfriend

How Old Is Piper Rockelle?

Piper Rockelle is an internet sensation who has a huge fan base on YouTube and has over five million followers. She is the daughter of a housewife and a businessman. She has two sisters and a dog. Her family has been her biggest supporters. They live in Georgia.

She is not married, but she has a boyfriend named Lev. The 16-year-old started his career as an actor at a young age and is very talented in the arts. He even made the top 30 on So You Think You Can Dance. Lev was born in France but moved to the US when he was five. He was already dancing at an early age and has appeared in several movies, including “My Haunted House” and “Going.” He also has over 1.5 million Instagram followers.
Although her father and mother are both famous in the online world, the couple is not a couple. Her mother is a Christian and has two brothers. Her real father is not known, but her grandparents are from her mother’s side. Piper’s YouTube videos have received over seven million views each.

It’s hard to tell if Piper Rockelle has a boyfriend because the two do not publicly acknowledge it. However, she continues to participate in 24-hour challenges on YouTube, posing as a married couple or boyfriends for 24 hours. In addition, it seems that the two broke up after Piper accidentally googled their relationship status and tagged Ryder Knapp as Sophie’s boyfriend. Despite her love life, she still goes on to call Lev and Walker her crushes.
Although Piper Rockelle is not dating anyone right now, she has been in relationships with several people over the past year. She has dated YouTube star Gavin Magnus, who is an ambitious musician. The relationship lasted for a year, but they broke up to save the environment. Later, Piper dated fellow YouTuber Walker. The relationship between the two was controversial, as fans viewed it as a publicity stunt.

Piper Rockelle is an actress, singer, dancer, and YouTuber. Her videos have a huge fan base. She has over eight million YouTube subscribers. She has also starred in music videos Chicken Girls and Dark Eyes, and has a variety of appearances in movies. She also co-wrote a short film, Dark Eyes, with her brother. Complete bio about Amber Sienna.

Her Parents

As a TikTok sensation, Piper Rockelle has 4.9 million followers and almost seven million YouTube subscribers. Besides her TikTok videos, she has also starred in several TV series and short films. She lives with her mother, Tiffany Rockelle. Her parents are both musicians and have supported her career by giving her a chance to act in her videos.
Piper was born on August 21, 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia. She belongs to the white ethnicity and has the Leo zodiac sign. She has two brothers named Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill. Her biological father is unknown. However, she is believed to go to school, although some sources claim that she is home schooled.

Her parents are white and raised her in a largely white neighborhood. Her mother, Tiffany, raised her as a girl. She is also a YouTube sensation, with over four million subscribers. She is currently starring in web series ‘Piperazzi’ and ‘Mani’, produced by Brat TV. She co-stars with Lawrence Wayne Curry and Hayley LeBlanc.
Piper Rockelle’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million by 2021. She is very active on social media, often posting videos with her boyfriend tagged. She is also close to her brothers and parents, though she has only met her father once. However, she is close to her mother, who has helped her build a huge fan base on Instagram.

Her parents are famous and well-known in the entertainment industry. Her mother, Tiffany Rockelle, has been involved with Piper Rockelle’s career since March 2022. She has a fan base of over 70,000 on her private Instagram account. In addition to being a mom, she has a successful business and has a successful cat rescue.
The parents of 14-year-old YouTube star Piper Rockelle have come under fire for allegedly exploiting their daughter. Although Pink has publicly accused Piper Rockelle’s parents of exploitation, the parents have refuted the accusations. They claim they are trying to help Piper reach her goals and support her dreams. Complete bio about Emma Langevin.


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