Isabella Janke – A Controversial Figure

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Her relationship with troll Larry Vaughn

Isabella Janke is a controversial figure. She has boasted about sexually assaulting other women. She once told a friend that she was raped. She also boasted about kneeing another woman and grabbing her. She has also helped her female friends with things like foot massages and putting on bras.
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Isabella Janke has been in the business of helping people achieve their goals since 2010. She founded Isabella Life Coach in 2010 and now has a team of seasoned coaches that help clients achieve their goals. Her clients come to her for one-on-one sessions that help them create a happier life.
Janke was born in New York. Her parents are John Michael Janke, a former Navy Seal, and Athena Pettit, a pilot. Her parents are American citizens. Janke has a history of being a controversial figure on the Internet. See here all about Dalton Gomez 


In the internet world, Isabella Janke is the poster child for what can go wrong, and how to stay safe. Her deep and disturbing attempt to manipulate people has resulted in many people being burned. While Janke tried to distance herself from the escalating drama, her actions reveal that she is an admitted psychopath.
According to a recent investigation by Kiwi Farms, the troll behind Chris-Chan’s prank was Isabella Janke. She published an eight-page Google Docs document in which she blamed Fiona for the whole situation. The investigation revealed a history of sociopathic behavior, including cyberbullying and animal torture. Janke, who is 20 years old, is a daughter of a former Navy Seal and an airline pilot. She is currently studying computer engineering at Texas Tech University.
After Isabella’s discord server was doxed, her allies started turning on her. They began leaking Discord logs to gain information and changed the stories they told. It was then that the “Chess Club” Discord was revealed. The chat room featured gore, hidden channels, and gaps against Chris.

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Chandler claims that Janke’s cover story that he was unaware of the leak of Incest Call was not true. However, she tried to protect her identity by claiming that the recording was leaked by a friend. Eventually, she decided to share the audio with the Chess Club and a friend named Suitress. The recordings have been shared on social media and are being used as evidence in the case.


Isabella Janke is a scriptwriter, author, and actress. She has appeared in numerous films and television shows. Her writing has won awards and garnered widespread attention. However, she is not without controversy. Janke has made several controversial statements about women. She has bragged about raping and sexually assaulting other women. She also claimed that she once helped a female friend put on bras and give foot massages.

Janke has claimed that she had a personal relationship with Chandler and that they were “gal-pals” back in high school. Janke was instrumental in the manipulation of Chandler. She has a Twitter account, and Chandler is a follower. While there is no proof that Janke was involved in Chandler’s murder, Janke is an unreliable source.
In addition to writing screenplays, Isabella Janke is also involved in controversial projects. She was an assistant showrunner on the Netflix series ATYPICAL and is a script consultant with Sundance’s Episodic Lab. She has also collaborated with the ALS Association and Women In Film. She is a US citizen and the daughter of a former Navy Seal and airline pilot. See here all about Phyllis Fierro.

Her relationship with troll Larry Vaughn

During the ‘Breaking Bad season finale, actress Isabella Janke revealed that she was in a relationship with troll Larry Vaughn. Although Janke had previously denied this, the character appeared to have a positive view of the character. She claimed to be very nice to Chandler, giving him gifts like Pickle Rick mints, markers, and letters. Though Kyle considered her a sycophant, Janke’s story was a different story. During the show, Chandler’s character also texted the website, The WCT, where they both agreed. Eventually, Chandler’s relationship with Janke began to deteriorate.
The video of Janke’s conversation with Chandler has already caused a stir. The video was posted by Janke and other people, including the Chess Club and a friend named Suitress. The footage has gone viral and has prompted more speculation about the relationship between Janke and Chandler.
Janke has also shared pictures of her “adopting” a cat, Goober. She allegedly overfed the pet to post pictures of her ‘adoption’. She also boiled at least one hamster. Another time, she “rescued” a dog named Max, and infected it with eight diseases, including pneumonia.

Her Fetish for animal farts

If you’re familiar with the actress and singer Isabella Janke, you probably have seen her animal fart videos on YouTube. Janke has also been accused of sexual assault and abuse of women. She once admitted to raping another woman and even had her feet rubbed by another woman. Other cases involve Janke “rescuing” a dog, giving it pneumonia and eight other diseases.
Their fetish of Janke for animal farts is one of the most shocking aspects of the show. Janke’s obsession with animal farts is so disgusting that it has even been called a ‘troll’ by some fans. The actress has also admitted that she likes to “smell” animals. But despite the disgusting nature of her fetish, Janke seems to be a very likable character.  See here all about Phyllis Fierro.

Her impersonation of a Curiosity Stream Employee

Isabella Janke is a YouTube star and a self-proclaimed fan of the Nickelodeon show “Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History.” She claims to be a fan of the show and its employees, but in reality, she is just pretending to be a Curiosity Stream employee. Janke’s Twitter account follows Larry Vaughn’s and is even claiming to have been a high school gal-pal of Chandler’s.
Janke is also alleged to have been an admin of several Discord servers that are collectively referred to as the Texas Tech University Chess Club. The group Janke created revolved around chess, and she boasted of having an Elo rating of 1700. However, her score was calculated using only online games, not by competing in tournaments. Her former associate claims that Janke had created two other Discord servers before she created the Chess Club and that she was terminated from both for violating the Discord terms of service.

The entire story started when Janke posted a series of cryptic e-mails in which she misspelled the name of a Curiosity Stream employee. She even went as far as creating a fake Google Doc document describing her interactions with Chandler. However, this claim has not been corroborated.


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