Janet Von Schmeling

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Janet Von Schmeling

Janet Von Schmeling was born on 1 June 1994 in Orlando, Florida. She is from a well-
established family and is a member of the Christian faith. She was born under the star sign of
Gemini. Her father is a trained martial artist, and she has also learned martial arts since high
school.   Complete bio about Jakipz Andrich.

Drake Bell

Janet Von Schmeling

Janet von Schmeling is an American actress and model. She is 25 years old and was born in
Orlando, Florida. She has worked as a producer, photographer, and model. She and Bell have
been romantically linked since 2014. The couple met online in 2014 and began dating in 2015.
Janet Von Schmeling is a former model who is currently linked to actor Drake Bell. The couple
married in 2018 after dating for several years. Their relationship was first rumored in 2014, and
they were spotted attending events together in 2017. Both kept their relationship private, though.
However, they were spotted out together in 2018 and got married in a ceremony.

Janet Von Schmeling and Drake Bell have one son. The couple first kept the baby’s name secret,
but later released information through interviews. The couple announced that they were
expecting in 2020. Their child was born on May 17, 2021. Although there is no official
announcement of the child’s name, both parents have shared pictures of their child.

Janet Von Schmeling is an actress, model, and producer. She works for Decibel Media Group
and starred in Drake Bell’s hit film Painting Autumn. Janet Von Schmeling and Drake Bell are
married for three years. However, their relationship was a matter of rumor until Drake revealed
their relationship status through a tweet in Spanish.

Drake Bell and Janet Von Schmeling are proud parents of their first child. The two have been
married for three years and recently welcomed their first son together. During their trip to
Disneyland, they wore matching wedding bands. The couple has been romantically linked since Complete bio about Conna Walker And Steelo Brim’s Wife.

After they got married, the couple had a son together.

Janet Von Schmeling

Janet Von Schmeling and Drake Bell’s relationship was called into question after an incident in
Cleveland in December 2017. Drake Bell violated his duty of care and created a risk of harm to
the victim. The victim claimed that Bell had been grooming her for years and became sexual
with her at the age of fifteen.

Janet Von Schmeling was born on 1 June 1994 in Orlando, Florida. She is the daughter of a
retired military officer. Her parents are Christian and her mother was a trained martial artist.
Janet has a sister and a brother and a half-sister from her father’s previous marriage.
Janet Von Schmeling has been working in the entertainment industry as a producer. She also
worked at Decibel Media Group before entering the acting field in 2015. She portrayed Lane in
her first film. She has since appeared in various TV shows and films. The couple have recently
announced the upcoming release of their new movie together.  Complete bio about Emma Langevin.

Although the details of their plea agreement remain unclear, the couple could still face jail time.
Drake Bell pleaded guilty to a fourth-degree felony and a first-degree misdemeanor and is
expected to be sentenced in July. Their next court appearance is scheduled for July 12.


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