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LaRhonza Rodriguez

Lee Rodriguez is an American actress. She is best known for playing Fabiola on the Netflix comedy Never Have I Ever. Originally from Cuba, Rodriguez moved to the United States as a child and is now one of the most popular Latina actors. Her role as Fabiola inspired millions of people to support Latino artists, which ultimately helped her become a household name. Read on for her latest achievements and how she managed to get to the big time.

LaRhonza Rodriguez

Lee, or LaRhonza, Rodriguez is an actress. She was born in Fresno, California, in November 1999. She is of African descent, but her parents moved to the United States when she was a young girl. She has a diverse background, from singing to modeling. She gained popularity after appearing in the Netflix original series, “I Have Never Met a Stranger.” She has acted in movies and TV shows and is now a star in her own right.

Growing up in Hesperia, California, Lee Rodriguez had many aspirations and joined acting classes at an early age. She also composed her songs. In her teens, she was enamored with the fashion industry, and even stole her sister’s clothes. Her family, however, stayed out of the spotlight, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. Her parents are not fans of the public eye, but they are proud of their daughter’s talents.

While there’s no official information on how much Lee has made, she’s accumulated a massive fan base on Instagram. She posts about environmental issues, climate change, and fashion. She wears only one pair of Converse shoes each day and has a wide following on Instagram. Lee’s fans are raving about her style and support her on social media. However, she’s not comfortable wearing ripped jeans. Despite being a high-profile actress, Lee Rodriguez remains passionate about her beliefs and tries to do her part in the community.

Lee is an artist, singer, and actress. She plans to release her music albums in the next 10 years and tour the world. Lee loves to drive, which inspires new songs. As a child, she performed in her bedroom and sang at a bar staircase. Likewise, in 2005 she sang at a bar staircase. She performed on stage, but her most memorable performance was her first concert. Here is complete info about Kenn Whitaker.

Fabiola Torres

LaRhonza Rodriguez

Lee Rodriguez is an American actress, singer, and model. She is best known for playing Fabiola Torres on Netflix’s original series “Never Have I Ever.” Rodriguez also stars in the TV shows Class of Lies and Grown-ish. In the year 2021, she will star in the comedy-drama “Celebrity Page.”

The series follows Fabiola as a young woman who comes out to her mom. Fabiola was raised by her single mother and is a part of her mom’s friend group. She comes out to her mother unexpectedly, at a bake sale with her friends. Her mother, Eleanor, had moved away when she was a kid and decided to pursue an acting career. Her mom mentions how glad she is that Fabiola has a “normal” family.

Fabiola Torres and Lee Rodriguez are ex-girlfriends. The actress was born in Fresno, California. Rodriguez gained popularity with her role as Fabiola Torres in the Netflix series “Yet Never in My Life.”

Lee Rodriguez has a diverse background and a long list of credits. She is a dancer, singer, and model. She even writes her songs in her free time. Her parents prefer to stay out of the limelight, which has only further fueled her passion for her profession. Lee Rodriguez is a talented actress with an incredibly diverse skill set. Lee Rodriguez is the perfect combination of talent and versatility.

Learning With Lee

If you’re looking for a unique approach to music education, “Learning with Lee” might be for you. The model and actress, who recently signed with Nous Model Management, has been around the block and is no stranger to learning new things. Lee’s first love is jazz music, and she incorporated that into her college studies and her recent solo EP. Below are some of her tips for learning with Lee. You might be surprised by how much you’ll learn!

When Lee was young, she became interested in the performing arts, particularly music and theatre. Her parents enrolled her in music and dance lessons. In high school, she began acting and performed in school plays. Lee also played the piano and guitar and wrote songs in her free time. She still plays the piano and sings in her spare time, and it’s easy to see why she’s such an inspiring role model. Learn more about learning with Lee Rodriguez in this exclusive interview!

Aside from climate change, Lee Rodriguez has an interest in the fashion industry. She created the ‘Learning with Lee’ Instagram TV series in response to this growing environmental crisis. At the start of the series, Lee didn’t know much about the issues, but she was passionate about spreading the word about environmental issues. “I’m not comfortable wearing ripped jeans,” she explains. She also supports Ramakrishnan and Ramona Young, two of her fellow Al Gore supporters.

In “Never Have I Ever,” Lee Rodriguez plays Fabiola Torres, a young gay woman who is the captain of a robotics team. She’s also the best friend of Eleanor Wong and Devi. Lee Rodriguez has modeled for major brands. In the upcoming third season of “Never Have I Ever,” she will continue to play Fabiola. Eventually, she hopes to pursue a music career. Complete bio Carl Thomas Dean.


The net worth of Lee Rodriguez is somewhere between $200k and USD 500k. This is an incredible figure considering that she has a diverse range of talents. This multi-talented star has impacted several people’s lives. Learn more about her family. Below are some interesting facts about her. You’ll love her! – Lee Rodriguez was born in Hesperia, California. She attended Encore Jr. / Sr. High School. The school specializes in sports and the arts. Moreover, LaRhonza loves music. She has also become a popular celebrity in recent years.

Her parents and siblings are not publicly known. Lee is a member of American nationality and belongs to Multiracial ethnicity. She is not married. Lee has not disclosed her personal life to the public, and her parents do not want her family to be a focus. Lee is 21 years old, and she has black hair and brown eyes. She was raised in Hesperia, California. Her biographical information does not provide any details about her childhood or relationship.

Lee was born on November 28, 1999, making her 20 years old in 2020. She studied arts at school and began her career as a model. She worked for several major brands before entering the film industry. In 2018, she made her acting debut in the television series “Grown-ish.”

Although Lee Rodriguez’s net worth is unknown, his relationship with his girlfriend is very solid. They’re close and are affectionate with each other. As such, it’s easy to believe he has a significant net worth. Aside from acting, Lee Rodriguez enjoys learning, surfing, and reading. Aside from that, he enjoys surfing the web and learning. Lee Rodriguez’s hometown is Fresno, California.


As a vice president for the Al Gore Climate Reality Project, Lee Rodriguez recently teamed up with the organization to produce a new television series titled ‘learning with Lee.’ In this series, Lee interviews climate change activists, experts, and others to share tips on sustainable living. In his first episode, Lee discussed his thoughts on the importance of recycling and how to live green. He also shared his tips for creating a sustainable wardrobe, which is important because a sustainable wardrobe can help the environment and the planet.

Although she is mostly known as an actress, the talented young lady has many interests outside of acting. Lee Rodriguez has trained as a dancer and has a knack for musical instruments. She has also written a few songs during her free time. In the past, Lee Rodriguez started her career in the fashion industry, modeling for big names. She made her acting debut in the TV series Grown-ish in 2018.

While Jim Carrey and Zac Efron began their careers in the acting world as a way to support their families, Lee decided to pursue an interest in music. Lee attended a performing arts high school with a focus on music but soon found that she also had a love for acting. She joined her school’s drama club and performed in school plays. In addition to her acting and singing, Lee has also been writing music and has even recorded her original music.

Lee Rodriguez grew up in a small town near Fresno, California. She started receiving modeling offers in her teens and then turned to act. She is also a trained dancer, and she loves playing piano and guitar. She has a thriving social media following, which is reflected in her growing social media following. In her eighth grade year, she got her big break when the cast of Grown-ish called her. She also signed up for a talent agency and received her first acting role. Complete biography about Alaina Mathers.

Lee Rodriguez Biography – Family Education Career Net Worth

LaRhonza Rodriguez

When she was young, Lee Rodriguez dreamed of being part of the entertainment industry, so she enrolled in acting classes and wrote her songs. As a teen, she was also tempted by the fashion world and often stole her sister and mother’s clothes. Despite her celebrity status, her family tries to keep her out of the spotlight. Her father, an art teacher, and her sister, a music professor, are among her closest friends.

Date of Birth

When was Lee Rodriguez born? In 1939, a young Lee Rodriguez was born in Los Angeles. Lee is an American actress best known for her role as Fabiola in the Netflix comedy Never Have I Ever. Lee Rodriguez has also appeared in several other projects. Her date of birth may be the key to finding out where you were born. If you have ever wondered what you would look like when you are in your early twenties, consider reading this information.

Today, Lee Rodriguez is a model, actor, and singer. She attended Encore Jr. Sr. High School for the Performing Arts and graduated in 2017. In 2016, she signed with Nous Model Management. Her first acting role was in the TV series Grown-ish. She is also known to sing and play an acoustic guitar. Lee’s birthday is celebrated on May 14.

Lee Rodriguez was born on November 28, 1999, in California. She grew up in Hesperia, California, and was raised in a family of African descent. She attended Encore Junior High School in Hesperia and decided to pursue a career in acting once she graduated. She played the role of Bea in Class of Lies and Naomi in Grown-ish. She will be appearing in the Netflix series Never Have I Ever in 2020.

The date of birth of Lee Rodriguez has many facets, including her educational background. She is currently studying at a college in California, but she also has an anonymous YouTube channel, where she posts videos about everyday life. She has not disclosed much about her love life, or her parents. Although she has a successful career, she has remained very private about her personal life. Besides her career, she is a popular YouTuber and does not reveal any information about herself.


In this Lee Rodriguez Biography, you will learn the facts about the actress, her family, and her career. She was born and raised in California, and her parents aren’t too famous. Her parents kept their relationship out of the public eye, so Lee was the lone offspring. Her height and weight are appropriate for her body type. She has a net worth of between four and six million dollars.

Although she’s only 19 years old, Lee Rodriguez has an impressive and diverse career. Having signed with Nous Model Management in 2016, she hoped to follow her dream and become a singer. Lee has an inactive YouTube channel but does perform cover songs and write her music on occasion. In 2018, she made her acting debut in the television show Grown-ish. She has since built up substantial net worth, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The actress was raised in Fresno, California. After attending school, she was a member of the drama club and received several roles. Soon after graduating from high school, she signed a talent contract and began starring on television shows such as Grown-ish and Class of Lies. In addition to her acting career, Lee Rodriguez is a devoted fan of Spanish food and has appeared in two episodes of the popular tv show “Never Have I Ever”.

Although she’s a well-known actress and voice artist, Lee Rodriguez is also a passionate activist. She has spoken about climate change and environmental issues. Although she doesn’t love wearing ripped jeans, she does own a pair of Converse sneakers. Although she has become quite wealthy as a result of her success, her lifestyle doesn’t reflect this. 


Lee Rodriguez was born on November 28, 1999, in Fresno, California. His parents are of African descent and immigrated to the United States. He started his career in acting and modeling in his early teens. In the Netflix Original series, “I Have Never Met a Stranger”, Lee played the character Fabiola. She is unmarried. Currently, she is working on her third film, “A Million Ways to Fall,” which will be released in 2019.

While she has a successful acting career, Lee Rodriguez is also an athlete, model, and singer. She finished her senior tutoring in the performing arts at the same school. When she was younger, Lee Rodriguez played soccer for the Hesperia Youth Soccer League women’s team. As a child, she wanted to become a singer. Despite her early success, Lee Rodriguez’s education and career have been private and expensive.

After a successful modeling career, Lee Rodriguez made her break in media. In 2018, she appeared in two web series, “Class of Lies” and “Grown-ish.” Lee Rodriguez is also incorporated into the upcoming Netflix original series “Never Have I Ever.” The show will premiere on April 27, 2020. If you’re looking for Lee Rodriguez’s net worth, check out the links below.

Despite her controversial beliefs, Lee Rodriguez’s net worth is still small. It’s estimated that her net worth is somewhere between two to five million dollars. Her income is generated through her acting and music career. However, she hasn’t announced her net worth. Lee Rodriguez’s relationship with his girlfriend remains solid. Their relationship is a testament to the strength of their love and support.


If you are interested in Lee Rodriguez’s net worth, you will be pleased to know that her career as an actress and singer has been successful. Though her net worth is intangible, her relationship with his girlfriend has remained stable and affectionate. He has never announced the exact figure of his net worth, but we can assume that it is somewhere between $200k and USD 500k. Her net worth may well rise in the next few years if she continues to pursue her dreams of being a singer.

Lee Rodriguez began her career in the entertainment industry at a young age. She attended Encore Jr./Sr. High School, where she studied musical theatre, singing, and contortion. Despite her young age, she did not shy away from the spotlight. She took acting lessons and performed in several stage plays before signing with Nous Model Management. In 2016, she was signed by a major modeling agency and has since become an international sensation.

After breaking into the entertainment industry, Lee joined the cast of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever in 2020. The series saw her portray the role of Fabiola, a gay high school student. She also has her own anonymous YouTube channel, where she posts videos of herself doing daily activities. Lee is single and has no boyfriend at the moment. However, she has a large net worth and will surely continue to be a popular actress.

During his school years, Lee was a member of a theater group. This school specializes in contortion and aerial silks. This is how he found his passion for performing. In 2018, he signed with a talent agency, and his career skyrocketed. His first major role was in Netflix’s Grown-ish series, and she will soon be joining Mindy Kaling’s upcoming show Never I Have Ever.

Net Worth

Lee Rodriguez’s net worth is estimated to be between $200k and USD 500k. It’s unclear how much he makes, but we can safely assume that his net worth will continue to increase as his career continues to expand. In addition to acting, he has earned from brand endorsements, advertisements, and social media. As a model, he also makes money from that aspect of his life.

Despite being a relatively new face in the entertainment industry, Lee Rodriguez’s artistic background and diverse interests have helped her rise to stardom in a very short time. Although she studied at Encore Jr/Sr High School, she was also active in the Hesperia Youth Soccer League and played soccer on a team. This interest in the arts led to her involvement with the Los Angeles Food Bank and the Celebrity Page.

Born in Hesperia, California, Lee attended Encore Jr/Sr High School. She graduated from the same school in 2017. Her parents and siblings have not yet been revealed. Her love life is relatively low-key, as she prefers to be out of the spotlight. We will update this information when it becomes available. As far as her net worth goes, she’s worth over $5 million. The actress and singer have built a strong social media following.

While studying at Encore Junior High School, she was introduced to acting as a hobby. She performed in the school theatre. After graduating, she signed a talent contract and was cast in the first two episodes of the show Grown-ish. Besides acting, she also has a small role in the comedy show Never Have I Ever. In addition to acting, Lee enjoys reading and surfing the Internet. Lee Rodriguez’s hometown is Fresno, California.


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