Manon McCory-Lewis

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Manon McCory-Lewis

Manon McCory-Lewis is a Pure White Caucasian who belongs to the Christian faith. She is the
daughter of Helen and Tom McCory, who were both philanthropists. During the COVID-19
pandemic, the McCoys raised PS1 million for charity. They also supported a charity called Feed
NHS, which provides free meals to those in need in roadside restaurants. Her mother, Helen,
passed away on 16 th April 2021 at the age of 52. She graduated from a leading excessive faculty
in her hometown.

Helen McCrory

Manon McCory-Lewis

Damian and Helen McCrory were married in 2007 in a registry office in London. They have two
children together, a daughter Manon and a son Gulliver. Helen had been pregnant with their first
child when Damian proposed, so they had to postpone the wedding. She also worried that
technology would limit the expression of her kids. But in the end, she decided to stay true to her
original plans and married Damian.

Helen McCrory’s career began in the early 1990s. She trained at the Drama Centre in London.
Her first stage role was in The Importance of Being Earnest. She later played Lady Macbeth in
Shakespeare’s Globe and Olivia in Twelfth Night. She also starred in the West End in the 2006
film The Queen.

Manon McCrory-Lewis has a strong faith in Christianity. Her mother died of cancer when she
was only 52 years old. Her father, Damian Watcyn Lewis, is an actor who starred as Major
Richard Winter in the HBO series Band of Brothers. Her mother, Helen, played Polly Gray in
Peaky Blinders and played Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies.
The actor was born on August 17, 1968, and had a career in the theatre. She went on to star in
several feature films and television projects. She was nominated for numerous awards. She
married fellow actor Damian Lewis on July 4, 2007, and the couple has two children together,
Manon McCrory Lewis and Damian Lewis.

Manon McCrory Lewis is an upcoming British actress and the daughter of actor Damian Lewis
and Helen McCrory. She has no boyfriend as of April 2021. She enjoys spending time with her
family. Manon is a talented actress and has a lovely family.
Manon McCrory-Lewis was born a year before her parents got married. She is the eldest child of
Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory. She has one younger brother, Gulliver Lewis. She is very
private about her personal life, but she occasionally attends events and film premieres with her

Manon McCrory-Lewis is an aspiring actress and social media influencer. She is the daughter of
actress Helen McCrory and model Damian Lewis. She attended a private school in London. The
actress is a frequent user of social media sites like Instagram and TikTok and has more than 121
thousand followers on the video-sharing website.

Manon McCrory was born in 2006 by c-section. Her parents were determined to raise a child
who would prioritize talking to people, writing, and thinking about what to say. They were
worried that their children would grow up in an age of instant gratification.
Her death was a blow to the entertainment industry. She was an incredibly compassionate and
talented actress. Her role as a witch in the Harry Potter franchise, the Peaky Blinders TV series,
and the Harry Potter films have earned her praise. Click here and see complete info about Silvana Mojica.

Damian Lewis

Manon McCory-Lewis

Helen McCrory, who played the iconic character Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, and
Damian Lewis have been married since 2006. In 2017, she received an OBE for services to
drama. In the wake of her death, her son Damian shared a letter she wrote to her children before
she passed away. In it, she reminded the children not to be sad.
The couple visited the US to visit family members and decided to become actors. At the age of
16, they attended Ashdown House School in East Sussex and Eton College. They later went on
to study drama at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The pair worked with the Royal
Shakespeare Company and starred in the 2000 series Hearts and Bones.

Damian Lewis is also a singer-songwriter who has recently gone public with his new girlfriend,
Manon McCorry Lewis. She has been known for her witty lyrics and strong vocals. Her latest
music is a tribute to her late wife. Damian Lewis and Manon McCorry Lewis have worked
together on projects for charities, including fundraising for charity. Damian Lewis, Manon
McCorries Lewis, and Manon McCorry Lewis have also appeared on television, including
several appearances on Have I Got News For You.

Manon McCrory-Lewis was born on 6 September 2006 and has been an active social media
personality. She has over 14 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 121 thousand fans
on TikTok. She is the daughter of actor Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory.
Helen McCrory Lewis’ daughter has also gotten an Instagram account and her mother has
expressed her concerns over the dangers of social media. She had also warned Damian Lewis not
to be sad about her death. They were even seen in the same location at the National Portrait
Gallery and the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party, so they could be dating.

Manon McCrory Lewis was born into a celebrity family. Her mother, Helen McCrory, is an
actress who played Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter series. Her father, Damian Lewis, is an
actor and a producer. He is an accomplished actor with numerous awards and roles. Manon
McCorry Lewis and her brother share an interest in politics.
Manon McCrory-Lewis is the oldest daughter of Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory. She was
born through a c-section in 2006. Manon was calm as an infant. Her maternal grandparents were
Welsh and her paternal grandfather was a Glaswegian diplomat. Damian Lewis is also the father
of Gulliver Lewis, who was born fourteen months younger than his sister.

Damian Lewis and Manon McCorry-Lewis are married. Helen died of breast cancer in April last
year. Manon McCrory-Lewis is currently working toward entering the entertainment industry.
She has attended several red carpet events and award shows. She loves to wear fashionable
outfits and trendy glasses. She is also a fan of funk bands. Click here and see complete info about Ines De Ramon.


Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory married in July 2007, and they have one child together –
daughter Manon, born on 8 September 2006, and son Gulliver, born on 2 November 2007. They
lived in Los Angeles, California, until the Life series ended in 2009. They now live in Tufnell
Park, north London, in a Victorian townhouse.
Manon McCrory-Lewis belongs to a pure-white Caucasian race and a Christian religion. Her
parents were active in raising money for charities, including Feed NHS, which provides meals
from the NHS to roadside restaurants. She attended a reputable high school in her hometown and
learned the craft of acting from her dad.

The actress also portrayed Polly in the television series Peaky Blinder. She passed away on April
16, 2021, from cancer. Her son Damian Lewis, who plays Gulliver’s father Damian, posted a

message on Twitter about her passing. Lewis’ son said that the actress died peacefully
surrounded by family.
Helen and Damian met in 2003 and married four years later. They have two children – Manon
and Gulliver. Helen is the older of the two and Damian is the younger. Helen’s father Damian
Lewis was a successful actor who starred in Life as Charlie Crews. Her paternal grandmother
died in a car crash in 2001. Manon attended St Christopher’s School, in Belsize Park, North
London, and supported an effort to stop construction works near her school. Gulliver was born in
November 2007 and is 14 months younger than Manon.

Gulliver’s mother Helen McCrory Lewis is a British actress. She is known for her roles in Harry
Potter and Peaky Blinders. Her parents have a younger brother named Gulliver, who was born in The couple married in 2007, and the children of the couple are named after their mother.
Manon McCrory-Lewis was born on 6 September 2006. She is an aspiring actress and a social
media influencer. Her mother, Helen McCrory, was a highly-regarded actress who appeared in
movies like Harry Potter and Skyfall. As of April 2021, she is single and enjoys spending time
with her family.

The actress’ Gulliver was an award-winning role. She was awarded an OBE for her role as
Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter series. The OBE is one of the highest honors awarded to a
female actor. She is survived by her husband, Damian Lewis.
Manon McCrory-Lewis’ parents are English. She married Damian Lewis in 2007, and the couple
has two children. Her younger brother is named Gulliver. Manon McCrory-Lewis was born in

The actress is the eldest daughter of Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory. Damian Lewis is
an actor and producer.
Manon McCrory-Lewis is a popular social media personality and aspiring actress. Her parents,
Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory are actors and bigwigs in the entertainment industry. She is
also an avid TikToker and has more than 14k followers on Instagram. She also has 121k
followers on TikTok. Those are some of her most popular social media accounts. See here all about Phyllis Fierro.


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