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Samadhi Zendejas

If you are interested to know about the Samadhi Zendejas Wiki and her lifestyle, then you have come to the right place. Here you will be able to find out the wiki details about this Mexican soap opera actress. She is 26 years old and weighs around 56 kg. Her height and weight are also unknown, but you can still estimate them based on the measurements given below.

Dassana Zendejas is a Mexican Soap Opera actress

Dassana Zendejas is an actress who is based in Mexico. She has worked on several soap operas, including the popular series La Rosa de Guadalupe. Her net worth is estimated at over $200,000 and she has appeared in several hit series. Her most notable roles include Sofia in ‘El Amor Da Mas Fuerza’ (2012) and Fatima in ‘El Chiste del Feliz’. She also played the role of Rosaura in ‘En Su Momento’ (2011).

Dassana Zendejas was born on April 27, 1998, in the Mexican state of Distrito Federal. She studied theater at university and completed her B.F.A. in the same year. She has two siblings, Samadhi and Julian. She is a fitness enthusiast and has been dating Jorge Coch since 2004. She is also a proud sister of Jessica Coch.

While Dassana Zendejas is currently single, she has been in several high-profile relationships. She was once romantically involved with Jorge Coch, the brother of Jessica Coch. But she has yet to disclose details about their breakup. In addition, she has also been romantically involved with Alejandro Spitzer, the brother of her co-star, Jessica Coch.

As a child, Dassana Zendejas began studying art while studying in high school. She continued to study dancing and acting at university. She eventually earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre. Her talents and determination have landed her a spot in several popular television shows, including “Mariposa de Barrio” and “Que te perdone Dios.”

She is an Actress

Samadhi Zendejas

Samadhi Zendejas has been active in the entertainment industry for a decade. Her notable roles include Nadia in “Un Camino Hacia El Destino,” Candelaria in “Milagros de Navidad,” and Circe in “Enemigo ntimo.” She also played Jenni Rivera in the drama series Mariposa de Barrio. In addition to her acting work in dramas, Zendejas has been cast in a number of other roles.

Born in Long Beach, California, Samadhi Zendejas began her career on a Televisa drama program called La rosa de Guadalupe. She later went on to study acting at Televisa’s CEA and made her acting debut in Esperanza del Cortez in 2011.

Samadhi Zendejas has a long list of endorsement deals and is associated with several major brands. She also has a busy film schedule. After a relationship with Jorge Coch in 2010, the two were together for a short time and separated in 2012. However, they have been single ever since. Her relationship with Alejandro Speizer has brought her recognition and fame. Samadhi Zendejas is active on social media.

In addition to her acting career, Samadhi Zendejas has a social media presence, posting posts on fashion, art, and Mexican culture. Her net worth is estimated at $20 million by 2021. She has garnered many acting awards. In 2018, she was inducted into the Premio TVyNovelas for Best Female Revelation. With her impressive social media following, she is becoming more successful than most people do in their entire lives. Samadhi Zendejas is an amazing example of what a young woman can achieve in a short time.

Mexican actress Samadhi Zendejas has been in a variety of roles in television shows and movies. Her most famous role was in the drama Atrevete a Sonar in 2009. She has also appeared in several telenovelas and films including “Esperanza del Corazon” in 2017, and the comedy series Mariposa de Barrio with Sergio Corona. Complete info about Emma Langevin.

She is a Dancer

Samadhi Zendejas was born in Long Beach, California, on July 20, 1996. Her family includes two sisters: actress Dassana Zendejas and actor Adriano Zendejas. Although she has two brothers, she is the firstborn child. She grew up loving performing arts, fashion, and health. Her interest in dance and acting has continued since she was a young child.

As a teenager, Samadhi began her acting career with the 2009 film Atrevete a Soar. Her role as Amaya in the film earned her recognition and fame. She has since appeared in several films and series since her debut. Her most recent film is “Siempre a Mariposa”, a romantic comedy starring Vanessa Guzman.

The talented Samadhi is five feet seven inches tall, with a fantastic top-to-bottom ratio. The actress first started appearing as Amaya in 2009’s Atrevete a Soar. She met her current boyfriend Alejandro Speizer while filming the film and later began a relationship with him. Although she has not yet married, Samadhi has already achieved fame through her acting skills.

After winning the competition, Samadhi Zendejas has been grateful for the opportunity to be recognized on a national level. The show helped her foster a stronger bond with her brother, Adriano. In addition to dancing with her, Samadhi Zendejas keeps up with the latest news through her Twitter and Facebook pages. Keeping up with the latest developments in dance is her passion and Samadhi is happy to share it with the world.

Samadhi has never been married, but she and Alejandro Speizer did date while filming for The Revelation Awards. They separated in 2012 and reportedly broke up after a short time. Samadhi is active on social media, with 4 million followers on Instagram alone. The actress posts pictures of her workout routines and upcoming movies. She has also won numerous awards, including the prestigious Premios TVyNovelas for Best Female Revelation.

She is a Singer

Samadhi Zendejas is a Mexican actress and model who was born in Mexico City, Distrito Federal. She has two siblings and has been involved in various projects since childhood. She was trained as an actress by Televisa, but she did not mention what her high school years were like. However, she did go to college and is currently attending the School of Government of the Federal District in Mexico City.

Samadhi Zendejas has a variety of income sources, including acting and modeling. She has starred in several films, including Mariposa de Barrio (2010), and was dated by actor Alejandro Speizer while filming it. Her income has been increasing ever since, and she is estimated to be worth between $3 million and $5 million, but it is impossible to pinpoint her exact net worth.

The actress has a net worth of $2 million. She made this money primarily through her acting career. She received $100 thousand to $250 thousand in acting payments every year. She has also appeared in several telenovelas and movies. The actress’s Instagram account is followed by 4.5 million people. Her net worth will grow as her career continues to flourish. If you are interested in knowing more about Samadhi Zendejas, check out her wiki, Family, Net worth, and Lifestyle!

Samadhi Zendejas is not currently in a relationship. Her relationship with the Mexican actor Alejandro Spitzer ended after they broke up. The actress and her brother, Adriano, have been seen together a lot. Neither of them has disclosed their relationship status, but it remains a mystery for now. The two are often spotted together, but she is currently unmarried and never married.

She has appeared in Films

As an actress, Samadhi Zendejas’s income is varied, and it’s difficult to pinpoint a single source of income. However, she has appeared in numerous films, including Mariposa de Barrio, which was released in 2010. During filming, Samadhi dated Alejandro Speizer, who she acted in the drama.

For her acting career, Samadhi Zendejas started in 2009 with a role in a TV show called Atrevete a Soar, in which she played a high school student named Amaya. The role earned her acclaim, and she went on to appear in several other films. She even provided the voice for a children’s CD show.

Samadhi has been in numerous movies and television series, including the Mexican film Mujeres Asesinas. She appeared as a gangster in Mujeres Asesinas 3 and the English language series Mariposa de Barrio. She also starred in Revelation and received a Best Actress award. Her films have earned her international recognition, and she may be planning more appearances shortly.

Aside from her acting career, Samadhi Zendejas Adriano has also been active in the social media world. She recently shared some of her daily life on her social media accounts. She has a half-sister, Victoria, and two step-brothers, Vincent and Ethan. She attended Birmingham High School in 2006, and she plans to pursue a career in acting, similar to her mother.

In addition to acting in films, Samadhi Zendejas is an active social media personality. Her Facebook page also features a variety of pictures of her, which showcase her lovely looks. Samadhi Zendejas has a net worth of $3 million. She has appeared in many films, including Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups 2 (2012), which grossed over $202.6 million worldwide.

Samadhi Zendejas

Samadhi Zendejas, otherwise known as Samadhi, is a Mexican actress. She got her first role as Amaya on the TV series Atrevete a Soar. She then went on to play a variety of roles on television and in films, before landing her first big role in the film Casa América. Despite being a pansexual, Samadhi is still widely known as an actress.


Although Samadhi is only 26 years old, she is already a popular personality. She has over four million Instagram followers, and she shares various pictures of her family. On Twitter, she has 134.8k followers. Besides her social media profiles, Samadhi also posts updates on her personal life. She is also a fan of Twitter and follows other accounts of popular personalities on the site.

In 2009, Samadhi made her acting debut as a student in the film “Un Camino Hacia El Destino.” Later on, she starred as “Lorena” in Mujeres Asesinas 3″ and “La Rosa de Guadalupe,” playing the role of Imelda. Samadhi’s next big film role will be in the upcoming season of Falsa Identidad. In 2018, she will star as “Circe” in the upcoming series. She has also appeared in “El Rey del Valle” as Rosario Tijeras,” playing the role of “Arelon.”

Samadhi Zendejas was born in Mexico, and her parents are Antonio Flores and Ana Villa. She was born on December 27, 1994. Her net worth is estimated to be between twenty to thirty thousand dollars a month. In addition to being an actress, Samadhi Zendejas is an active social media personality. She shares content about art, fashion, and Mexican culture. She is also known for her work in television and has a net worth of over two million dollars.

Samadhi Zendejas has dated a few people over the years. She dated Alejandro Spitzer, who starred in Atrevete a Sour. However, the two split in 2012, and Samadhi has been single since then. Her social media profiles reveal that she’s active and single. This is great news for fans of Samadhi Zendejas, and she has been busy with other factors in her life. Complete info about Matthew Tyler Vorce Breaks Up With Billie Eilish.


Samadhi Zendejas

In recent years, Samadhi Zendejas has become one of the most popular models in the Philippines. Whether it’s on the runway or in magazines, Samadhi has achieved worldwide recognition. Her family is her most important support system. She has spoken of her father several times and is grateful for his support and help. Her parents are close to her and she posts pictures of them on social media.

The model and actress were born in Long Beach, California. She started her career in the movie industry in 2009 as the student Amaya in the telenovela Atrevete a Soar. In the years since she has acted in many films and television shows. She is the youngest of three siblings and has two older brothers who are also actors. Her mother has been in the entertainment industry for many years and encouraged her to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

In addition to her modeling career, Samadhi has a successful acting career. She has worked with Benefit and Estee Lauder. In 2014, she started acting and was featured in several shows. However, it wasn’t until Once Upon a Time that she got a leading role. While her success in the fashion industry has been undeniable, her love life isn’t so predictable.

The model Samadhi Zendejas dated actor Alejandro Spitzer when she was in her first role. She and Alejandro have been together ever since. The actress has worked in many television shows, including Mariposa de Barrio, in which she played a role in the character Imelda. In addition to her acting career, Samadhi has appeared in several movies and TV shows. Her latest movie appearance was as Jenny Rivera in Mariposa de Barrio.


Rumors about Adriano Zendejas’ transgender status abound. While he has not formally declared himself transgender, his acting career has seen him portray both male and female characters. His sister also has not made any announcements about the actor’s sex. It’s difficult to know whether Zendejas’ transgender status is real, or just a case of speculation.

The transgender actress was born on December 27, 1994, in Mexico City, and is the daughter of two actors. She was born Samadhi Zendejas and is Mexican-born. She is of mixed race and belongs to a blended ethnicity. She has appeared in numerous television shows and movies and is the recipient of several endorsements and sponsorships. She spent some time living on the streets and met her current boyfriend, Alejandro Speicher while attending college.

In addition to her acting career, Zendejas enjoys spending time with friends and colleagues. Besides, she writes blogs in her free time and even has a Twitter account, which she uses to post pictures of herself. In addition, she is very open about her taste in fashion and seems to have a thing for Chanel goods. However, her parents don’t necessarily approve of her choice.

In addition to being a well-known actor and comedian, Zendejas is a successful transgender model. She’s the first transgender model to be signed to a major modeling agency. And she also became a mother. In addition to this, she’s a mother and a wife. The world is not ready for transgender celebrity Samadhi Zendejas.


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