Sarpino’s Pizza

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Sarpino's Pizza

Sarpino’s Pizza is a chain of pizza restaurants with locations across the United States. The company’s original franchisee, David Chaikin, opened two stores in the Chicago area and was later purchased by Dmitry Shapiro, a software consultant, and former business analyst at Kraft Foods and Sears. In 2005, Shapiro purchased the U.S. operation from Koutougos and renamed it Sarpino’s USA. After making a few tweaks to the original chain, it grew to 47 locations in six states.

Vegan options

The fast-growing Italian franchise Sarpino’s has an extensive vegan menu. In addition to their vegan specialty pizzas, Sarpino’s also offers vegan calzones, salads, sandwiches, and breadsticks. It even offers a vegan pie, which is a popular choice among vegans.
The vegan option comes in the form of vegan Italian sausage crumble, which is made with a plant-based Italian sausage. It is topped with Daiya mozzarella cheese and available on the original or gluten-free pizza crust. Other vegan pizzas available at the restaurant include the Second Harvest Heartland pizza, which features red sauce, vegan cheese, tomatoes, garlic, and basil. Additionally, the restaurant donates a portion of each pizza sold to a hunger relief organization. The pizza also offers vegan desserts like the Muddy Paws vegan cheesecake.

In addition to its vegan pizzas, the vegan menu at Pizza 73 includes a vegan cauliflower crust and dairy-free cheese. The company also offers vegan meat substitutes, including Yves Veggie Cuisine pepperoni and Field Roast spicy sausage crumbles. The vegan menu is available at all of the restaurant’s 88 locations.
Vegan cheese is available at no additional cost. Vegan cheese is also available on traditional and whole-wheat crusts. The gourmet pizzas at Minsky’s Pizza also include Daiya vegan cheese and homemade sauce. The chain also offers vegan tater tots and a vegan version of Alfredo sauce.

Regular options
If you’re on a budget and are looking for a satisfying pizza fix, Sarpino’s Pizzeria may be the place for you. This chain of fast-casual restaurants offers deep-dish pizza, vegan options, and more. They make their dough daily and use fresh California tomatoes.
Vegans will love the variety of vegan options on the menu at Sarpino’s. They have 12 vegan specialty pies, as well as a full menu of salads, sandwiches, and breadsticks. Even the cheesy breadsticks are vegan-friendly!

Special sauce

If you want a great Italian food experience, you can’t go wrong with Sarpino’s pizza. This restaurant has a wide selection of gourmet pizzas and free delivery every day of the year. The prices are on the higher side compared to your average delivery pizza, but you’ll pay for quality ingredients and a ton of pizza choices. As the pizza trend moved towards indoor dining, the popularity of Sarpino’s grew.
The pizzas at Sarpino’s are topped with a gourmet cheese blend. The blend consists of cheddar cheese, Sarpino’s cheese, and banana peppers. A selection of sauces is also available for each pizza. These tasty pizzas are served with your choice of bread.

Sarpino also offers vegan options. The vegan menu offers more than 20 vegan options and modifications of regular menu items. Vegan options at Sarpino’s include vegan calzones, vegan pizza, and more. In addition, they also have a plant-based sausage topping on vegan pizzas. Additionally, they use Daiya cheese for their vegan options.
To top off the great taste of a delicious pizza, Sarpino’s offers a wide selection of sides. They also serve fresh garlic bread. The menu at Sarpino’s is quite extensive, including Italian-style pasta, salads, and sandwiches. The menu features more than 40 toppings and 45 sauces.


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