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Shirine Boutella

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After acquiring her primary school certificate in Algeria, Shirine Boutella migrated to France,
where she studied cinema and audiovisual at Sorbonne Nouvelle University. She later moved to
Vienna to continue her studies. Boutella began her career in the entertainment industry as a
YouTuber. In 2013, she landed a small role in the film Papicha, directed by Mounia Meddour. In
addition, she has also played the role of Sofia Belkacem in the Netflix series Lupine.
Aside from acting in various Hollywood films, Boutella has also appeared in several television
shows and short films. She has worked with several notable actors, including Omar Sy, Ludivine
Sagnier, Michael Youn, and Herve Pierre. Her work in the entertainment industry has earned her
an impressive fan base, and her videos have become some of the most-watched on Instagram.
Boutella was born on August 22, 1990, in Algeria. She grew up in Algiers, where she attended
school and later university. She is a distant cousin of Sofia Boutella, who is another YouTube
star. Since she was a teenager, Boutella has been active on social media, becoming an influencer.
She has also appeared in the TV series “Quoprisen,” which premiered in 2016.

In addition to her YouTube videos, Boutella is an active member of various social media
platforms. Her creative and informative content has earned her massive fan base. She currently
has over 2.4 million Instagram followers and over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube. Although
she is largely known for her YouTube videos, she is still a member of the film industry and a
social media expert. See here all about Phyllis Fierro.

Shirine Boutella is married to a man named Aziz. The couple spent their honeymoon in
Thailand. They have no children. Boutella has not revealed her husband’s identity on social

Net worth

Shirine Boutella has a net worth of $4 million. The actress is a rising star who has built a large
following on social media and Youtube. She has over 500 thousand Instagram followers and a
nearly two million followers on her YouTube channel. Her husband remains anonymous. She is
also a multi-lingual artist and has acted in four languages.

The internet is a great source of income for the actress. Shirine Boutella’s net worth is estimated
to reach $2 million by the year 2022. The actress and web video blogger earns her net worth
through her successful acting career and her popular youtube channel. Besides, she enjoys
watching romantic movies, cooking with her mother, and spending time with her two dogs. She
is a devoted fan of social media and enjoys posting pictures of her pets.
Boutella married Aziz in a Roman Catholic church in France on December 25, 2019. She wore a
white Sima Couture Paris wedding gown while her husband wore a navy blue suit. The couple
honeymooned in Thailand. Although Boutella hasn’t revealed the identity of her husband in her
social media posts, she has posted several pictures of the couple.

The Algerian-born actress grew up in Algiers. She attended public school in her native country
and later moved to Paris to pursue higher education. She studied cinema and audiovisual at the
Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris. She also studied German at the University of Vienna. In
her early years, she made money as a Youtube influencer. She also had a short role in Papicha, a
film directed by Mounia Meddour. She went on to star in a Netflix series titled Lupine.
Shirine Boutella is an Algerian actress and YouTube personality. Her role in the movie Lupin
helped her become a well-known face around the world. She has also gained a large following of
followers through her YouTube channel. She has more than five hundred thousand subscribers
on her channel.


Shirine Boutella is not publicly known to be married. The actress and YouTuber has been
engaged for a long time but has only publicly shared a few pictures of themselves together. She
is a fan of animal welfare organizations and urges her followers to donate to them. Although
there are no details about her personal life, she is known to enjoy eating delicious food and
reading. Click here and see complete info about Addison Rae Easterling.

Boutella is also a mother of three-year-old twins. She is also a devoted cat lover. Boutella was
pictured with her cat during a recent appearance in a French fashion magazine. She is now the
proud wife of Aziz Boutella. The couple got married in a French Catholic church called the
Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Boutella wore a Sima Couture Paris wedding gown. Her husband,
on the other hand, wore a navy blue suit.

Boutella has kept her husband’s identity a secret, but her main source of income is related to her
career as an actress. She has a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers, and her net worth
is estimated to be $4 million. She is a multilingual actress and has acted in four languages.
The Algerian actress is best known for her role as Wassila in the 2019 movie Papicha. She has
also been a part of the French tv series Lupin, as Lt. Sofia Belkacem. The series is the first
French production to make it into the top 10 in the United States. Boutella’s other work includes
the Algerian tv series El Khawa.

Boutella has a huge fan base on Instagram and has gained fame through her YouTube channel.
She has many YouTube subscribers and has many videos that highlight her lifestyle. Boutella
also works with different brands and agencies to promote their products.


Shirine Boutella

Despite having only a few movies to her credit, Shirine Boutella has made quite a name for
herself in the film industry. Born in Algeria, Boutella has developed a name for herself mainly
through short films and YouTube. Her YouTube channel is titled simply Shirine Boutella and
she uploads a lot of different stuff.
Boutella started out her career as a social media influencer, and her active involvement has
helped her build a massive fan base. In fact, her social media presence has led to an impressive
20 million YouTube subscribers. In addition to her films, Boutella has acted in a number of TV
shows and short films. In 2019 Boutella starred in the French film Papicha. The following year,
she played the role of Sofia Belkacem in the French-Japanese-Chinese film Lupin.

Since the success of her YouTube videos, Boutella has turned her attention to the film industry.
Her starring role in the French crime drama Lupin has received positive reviews from critics, but
her YouTube channel has become a major hit. The actress has gained many followers and could
become one of the hot rising stars of the French entertainment industry. Here is complete info about Janet Von Schmeling.

The Algerian actress was born in Algiers in 1990. She is the distant cousin of Sofia Boutella,
who is an internet influencer. She has been active on social media since 2015, and has been a
frequent YouTuber. In addition to her acting, Boutella has a YouTube channel where she uploads
funny stuff.

YouTube channel

The Algerian actress Shirine Boutella has built a massive fan base on YouTube and other social
media sites by becoming an influencer. Her active involvement with fan groups and various
online communities has helped her gain over 20 million subscribers. In addition to her YouTube
channel, Boutella has also starred in several movies, including Papicha and Lupin. Her charming
personality has also helped her achieve popularity on the internet.

Shirine Boutella has been engaged for quite some time, but there are no public pictures of the
couple together. In addition, she has never revealed her husband’s identity, which has led to
speculations that he’s not in the entertainment industry. The renowned actress’s husband is not
part of the entertainment industry and prefers to remain out of the spotlight. Shirine Boutella’s
YouTube channel has been one of the most popular channels on the site, but her personal life is
still largely unexplored.

In the past, Boutella’s YouTube channel has generated millions of views and has earned her a net
worth of between $21.9 thousand and $24.5 thousand dollars. The amount of money Boutella
earns each month from her YouTube channel depends on a number of factors, including the
number of videos she uploads. Depending on the number of subscribers and monthly views, she
may earn anywhere from $13 to $86 per month.

Shirine Boutella has a passion for good food and reading. She has shared images of her favorite
dishes and books with her followers. She also likes to share videos of herself reading or trying
make-up. As an actress and influencer, she knows what it takes to look good.


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