The Life of Kayden Gaulden

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The Life of Kayden Gaulden

On the 4th of July of 2016, Kayden Gaulden was born. He was raised in Louisiana. His six-year
earth stay is due to end in 2022. On his birthday, he celebrated by cutting his birthday cake and
spending the day with his friends. At this time, Kayden is already three feet 10 inches long.

NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy is a famous rapper and musician who was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He
started his career at an early age and has had a variety of girlfriends over the years. He has three
older brothers and a younger sister. According to his website, Kayden is the first son of his two
parents, while his other brothers are not his biological children.

Kayden was born in 1998, but his parents divorced in 2009. His mother, Nisha, was a single
mother who grew up in an urban environment. While their relationship didn’t last long, it did
result in the birth of a son. Unlike his father, NBA YoungBoy did not marry his mother and has
since moved on to other relationships. His father is currently serving a 55-year jail sentence for a
robbery that happened when he was 8 years old.

The young star has a younger brother, named Ken. In the music video “Wat Chu Gone Do,” he
portrayed his younger brother. He spends a lot of time with his younger brother and supports him
instead of his imprisoned father. During his time in prison, NBA YoungBoy began writing lyrics
for his debut album, which was released in 2017. He also released eight independent mixtapes
between 2015 and 2017 before signing with Atlantic Records.

Kayden Gaulden was born in the United States. He is of African American descent and is the son
of NBA YoungBoy. His parents are Kentrell DeSean Gaulden and Nisha, and he has three
siblings, including two girls. His eldest sibling, Taylin Gaulden, is not the son of NBA

Kayden Gaulden’s mother is a rapper and songwriter. He grew up in Louisiana. His parents were
involved in an accident while driving their car. Kayden Gaulden has two step-sisters, Armani and
Kodi Gaulden. His father has seven children from multiple women. Kayden does not have a
social media account. However, his dad uses Instagram and has a picture of him on it.
NBA YoungBoy is a talented musician who is known for his songs. His songs have earned him
millions. As of the time of this writing, his net worth has already grown to more than $3 million.
His songs include ‘Outside Today,’ ‘Diamond Teeth Samurai’, ‘No Smoke,’ and ‘Overdose’. Click here and see complete info about Ines De Ramon.

Nisha Kayden

Nisha Kayden Gaulden was born in Philadelphia on July 4, 2016. She is an American citizen of
the African American ethnicity. She is the daughter of Kentrell DeSean Gaulden and Nisha. She
has three siblings, Kayden being the oldest. Her younger sisters are Taylin and Kaylyn Marie. In
March 2019, Nisha announced that she was pregnant with her second child. She will give birth to
her second child in 2020.

Her parents are both successful musicians and songwriters. Her father has released six
independent mixtapes and is an accomplished rapper. Although she is not a professional athlete,
she has gained a cult following through her music. Her father often features her on his Instagram
account. She lives with her parents and siblings in Los Angeles.

Kayden Gaulden was born on July 4, 2016. He is the eldest son of NBA YoungBoy. His parents
had a relationship when he was young. They stayed together for about three years. They are close
and have three children together. Nisha and Kayden are very close to one another.

Nisha Kayden Gaulden is a popular singer. She is the mother of NBA YoungBoy, and he is the
father of three other children with different women. The first of these children, Kayden, was born
on July 4, 2016, in Los Angeles. The other three children were born to Kentrell DeSean Gaulden.
Nisha Kayden Gaulden is a celebrity child. He is the son of Nisha Keller and the famous
American rapper YoungBoy. He has two older siblings: Kacey Bania and Armani. He is only six
years old, but his father is already known in the industry. Click here and see complete info about Silvana Mojica.

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden

The Life of Kayden Gaulden

Kentrell DeSean Gauldon, better known professionally as YoungBoy Never Broke Again, is an
American rapper who has garnered a cult following. He has released six independent mixtapes.
In late 2017, he signed with Atlantic Records.
Gaulden’s career started at a young age, when he was 14 years old and began producing music
using a Walmart microphone. He released his first mixtape, Life Before Fame, in 2015. In 2016,
he released another mixtape, Mind of a Menace. It featured fellow Baton Rouge artists NBA
3Three and Stroke Tha Don. In November of 2016, he released his third mixtape, Mind of a
Menache 3.

Gaulden raps and sings in English and Spanish. He is currently under house arrest in Utah. A
judge has ordered him to stay out of public view during the pretrial hearing. The rap star is also
prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition. As a convicted felon, he is not allowed to
own a gun.
Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Kentrell DeSean Gauldon was raised by his grandmother. He
has six sons and two daughters. He dated Jania Bania until mid-2018. Later, he dated Young

Lyric. In 2021, he married Iyanna Mayweather. The couple has six children together and a

Gaulden’s release was delayed after the incident took place. He had a bond for the status offense,
and counsel was assigned to the case. Gaulden’s attorneys could have negotiated a voluntary
surrender for Gaulden. However, the judge ruled that Gaulden’s arrest was legal. His lawyer
continues to argue that his client did nothing illegal.

Kentrell DeSean Gauldan was born on October 20, 1999 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He suffered
a broken neck as a child and needed a head brace. Later, he became friends with mngg three and
moved in with them when his grandmother died.

Gaulden’s incarceration lasted for nearly three years. His arrest was made possible by a federal
firearms warrant. Gaulden was jailed from December 2016 to August 2017, and he was charged
with two counts of attempted first-degree murder. He spoke of his time behind bars saying, “I
didn’t feel like I was being targeted” by the police. He also said he is responsible for what he

Frequently Asked Questions about Kayden Gaulden
If you’re curious about the life of Kayden Gaulden, you’re not alone. This young rapper has
become a sensation because of his famous father, who is a successful rapper himself. His
charming personality and cute look have helped him climb the charts, but what’s really behind
this young rapper’s success? Let’s find out!

The first thing to know about the star’s family is that he’s the son of NBA YoungBoy. His
parents, NBA YoungBoy and Nisha Gaulden, are divorced. However, they have a close
relationship and are very close to their children.
Initially, NBA YoungBoy dropped out of high school and started rapping. He didn’t want to learn
to speak or read because he wanted to rap. He was also involved in illegal activities to pay for
studio time. As a child, he had no plans to go back to school.

Nisha was NBA’s first girlfriend when they were both in their teens. Nisha was 14 when they had
Kayden. The two have eight children altogether. But, there are many mysteries surrounding the
relationship between NBA and Nisha. And, of course, the rumors about Nisha’s sexuality are not
the only thing surrounding the star.

As a famous NBA YoungBoy, his son is also a celebrity kid. Kayden Gaulden was born on July
4 in Los Angeles, California. His father is a famous rap artist, known as NBA YoungBoy. His
parents have six other children with other women. Two of his siblings are not his biological
children. If you’re curious about Kayden’s parents, be sure to read their biography.
Gaulden has a sister and three brothers. He also has a son named Acey Alexander Gaulden.
However, he has never gotten engaged. He’s been dating a number of women. Nevertheless, he’s
not married, and has a young sister.

Kentrell Gaulden’s father has been arrested for multiple times. The judge gave him a sentence of
55 years in prison. He later was released and remarried a year later. Despite this, his family is
still a cherished part of his life. After his release, his grandmother died and his father was left to raise his brother, who is a high school student.


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